NAISN Services

NAISN provides a unified network of cooperation, collaboration, and coordination among the numerous entities involved with invasive species management in North America. NAISN's overall goal is to enhance multi-jurisdictional responses to biological invasions across the continent.

NAISN services include:

  • Compiling national statistics on natural area invaders in Canada, Mexico, and the US;
  • Helping coordinate invasive species surveillance and monitoring activities;
  • Tracking invasive species range expansions;
  • Offering educational seminars and webinars on invasive species management;
  • Helping coordinate early detection and rapid response policies throughout North America;
  • Maintaining a taxonomic expertise database for all invasive taxa;
  • Conducting and tracking invasive species research within each country;
  • Developing watch lists for each geographic region in North America;
  • Developing national standards, and prevention and management guidelines;
  • Helping coordinate Canadian, Mexican, and US policies with other countries in regard to trade;
  • Tracking invasive species expenditures at national, state/provincial, and local levels;
  • Helping produce or provide grants for economic impact studies;
  • Providing a repository of scientifically accurate invasive species information;
  • Promoting, organizing, and helping establish Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs) and Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs); and
  • Offering a one-stop education and outreach website for the public, media, and policy makers.