NAISN is a consortium that uses a coordinated network to advance science-based understanding and enhance management of non-native invasive species. 


Recent Work

The purpose of this conference was to provide a forum for educating, sharing, and disseminating knowledge about invasive species management, regulatory issues, and concerns regarding the introduction and dispersal of invasive species across jurisdictional boundaries in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Click the logo to visit the 2017 NAISF website!


Invasive Species Publications & Websites

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Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN)

GISIN provides a platform for sharing invasive species information at a global level via the internet. Visit NAISN's Species section to access GISIN resources.




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NAISN is always recruiting new hubs, nodes, and affiliate members.


Supported Provided By

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is providing financial support to grow the NAISN network and support its member organizations. The CEC has a tri-national mandate to promote healthy ecosystems in North America and protect trans-boundary landscapes and ecosystems from adverse environmental impacts, including the threat of invasive species. NAISN gratefully acknowledges the CEC's ongoing support, which has been instrumental in promoting knowledge transfer, training, and development of data management tools for invasive species.